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A17 Pro is reportedly overheating, causing performance throttling

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A17 Pro
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The new iPhone 15 Series launch made the headlines all over and it’s still doing so. People are going bonkers over buying the flagship devices from the Silicon Valley company. But at the same time, news is coming in about the A17 Pro SoC overheating and throttling the performance of the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. Let’s get more into the news in this article.

A17 Pro Overheating:

The A17 Pro with console-level gaming capability was the talk of the town when the iPhone 15 Pro series landed. Based on a 3nm fabrication process, the Apple-made silicon was designed to be the best in class. But the recent news is showcasing something really unpleasing for the most-talked flagship device. The iPhone 15 Pro is heating excessively at 48 degrees (118.4F) temperature.

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Popular tech Youtuber, @TechTabletscom ran the Wild Life Extreme Stress test which was stressful enough for the flagship silicon to throttle 25% of performance within a span of 2 minutes. It even dropped down to 24% almost after 20 minutes of GPU load.

So what’s causing all the heat?

Turning a few pages back, news about TSMC’s 3nm nodes might have the answer. Just some months ago, the new 3nm tech of TSMC reportedly struggled to maintain a positive yield, making it to just 55%. For starters, a foundry’s production yield refers to the number of chips usable from a semiconductor wafer. So, a higher yield means higher productivity and better cost efficiency.

Apple A17 Pro Silicon

And Apple happened to be the biggest customer of TSMC’s 3nm nodes. So, netizens are joining the dots here behind the A17 Pro’s throttling issues. Claims have been made about Apple increasing supply voltage to achieve the benchmark results.

Will Apple do something?

With the heating news spreading all over, Apple might release a quick fix update for that. Which might include limiting the peak performance of the silicon itself. Well, the company has not spoken anything regarding the issue. An official statement might be on the way if the issues continue to persist.

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