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Battery Capacity Of The New IPhone 15 Series

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IPhone 15 Series
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Apple has just launched its brand new iPhone 15 series earlier this week. Apple had launched four new exciting models and two out of those four models featured Apple’s new A17 bionic chip. Now, as the phones have been launched People are getting a closer look at the new iPhone’s battery capacity.

Battery Capacity Of The New IPhone 15 Series 4

The battery capacity of the new iPhone 15 series:

Apple’s longstanding tradition of keeping actual battery capacities under wraps on their spec sheets has become a well-known characteristic. As a result, individuals looking for specific figures frequently find themselves anticipating the arrival of the next iPhones and the ensuing teardowns that reveal the actual numbers.

battery capacity of the new iPhone 15 series
Battery Capacity Of The New IPhone 15 Series 5

In the realm of iPhones, the latest iPhone 15 range is bringing about some progress in the battery department when compared to their predecessors. Let’s dive into the details:

  1. iPhone 15: The new iPhone 15 comes equipped with a 3,349 mAh battery, a modest increase from the 3,279 mAh found in the iPhone 14. This translates to a bit more battery life for your daily usage.
  2. iPhone 15 Plus: This variant receives a boost to 4,383 mAh, up from the 4,325 mAh capacity in the iPhone 14 Plus. This means more power for your larger-sized iPhone, ensuring it can keep up with your demands.
  3. iPhone 15 Pro: The Pro version now boasts a 3,274 mAh battery, a step up from the 3,200 mAh seen in the iPhone 14 Pro. This extra capacity provides a bit more fuel for those who require a longer-lasting device.
  4. iPhone 15 Pro Max: Packing the biggest battery in the series, the iPhone 15 Pro Max packs a substantial 4,422 mAh battery, compared to the 4,323 mAh in the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The battery surely can keep up with your heavy use and still have more to offer you. If you desire the ultimate battery life, this model takes the lead.

In summary, the iPhone 15 series is introducing improved battery capacities across the lineup, delivering extended staying power to keep you connected throughout your daily activities.

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